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Hi my name is Mie Mie,

And like you, right now, in late 2018, I was researching online to find a way to do something different with my life.

Let me ask you a quick question, what is that you want for yourself and your life? What do you really want?

If you’re anything like me, you want to spend more time with your family, you want to enjoy the word ‘retirement’ or look forward to planning for it and you want to get yourself out of this other word called ‘debt’.

In late 2018, I found myself stuck in the place called ‘I don’t know what’s next’ with no source of ongoing income and debt to repay.

Have you ever wondered about all the little decisions you made through out your life. Like a maze, why you turned one way and not another? Forced to turn around at one dead end, learning firsthand you know not to go down that dead end again?

I worked as an employee, climbing the corporate ladder, trading my time for money, while raising my three children. Then I made the jump from a salaried employee to an entrepreneur of many bricks and mortar businesses over the years.

Fast forward to 2018, I wanted to know what was next in my life? Could my life look different to the way it was before?

I came across a video, a woman sharing about a laptop lifestyle, where you can work where and when you want to.

But that wasn't the thing that intrigued me most. I thought to get anywhere in life you needed qualifications. The woman shared that you can just follow the steps, learning the 'how' along the way. Now, I was intrigued!

And I thought that if an online business meant I could create systems to automate what I do, it would give me the opportunity to focus on my humanitarian goals of which I have many.

So after subscribing and watching the free video series, I started to generate many ideas. I visualised my future, which inspired me to take immediate and bold action.

If you’re like me, your belief in yourself has never wavered.

The story doesn’t end there - In April 2019, unexpectedly my food business (a restaurant) landed back in my lap and more debt came with it. I felt like I was back at square one. But little did I know it was a blessing in disguise.

COVID-19 happened to us all. At first, we thought NO!, but it was another blessing in disguise.

I’ll tell you why.

I asked my daughter to come along to an event with the platform in Feb 2020. She did. And soon after that we took actions to expand the online presence of the family food business using what we learnt on the platform.

The platform gave us the ability to shield some of the impact of COVID-19 by thinking differently and adapting. In fact, we achieved our highest sales, since having the business, in the first week of making the changes to our business.

Meanwhile, we are personally growing. We are on our way to achieving the goals we set out to achieve but the biggest win has been the relatedness of our relationship inside of the opportunities created within this platform.

We are expanding the existing bricks and mortar business but we are also using the affiliate or referral marketing model to expand the opportunity of income we generate.

How often can you say I’m going to work and I’m spending more time with my family? Which is exactly what I asked for when I found this opportunity. I wanted to spend more time with my family, look forward to planning for and enjoying my ‘retirement’ and get myself out of the word ‘debt’.

What we know is that the results you produce are equal to your willingness to grow and develop yourself.

The thing is we are never cooked or done (even like in the restaurant - the food analogy, once you cook, you eat, you cook again and eat again). And just like mastering a recipe, there are no mistakes, even an accidental recipe can become your master dish.

In what ways have you always been the stronger one in your family?

How has the voice inside you shown up as a 'yes' when the rest of your family was a no?

Have you always trusted in your ability to work hard? How has your persistence, your perseverance, your focus on learning new skills and applying them shown up? How has never ever giving up, shown up?

I have always had to be the one to show my family that a different way is possible, and it is exactly these elements that have helped me, get me to where I am today, continuing to apply what I have learnt to the businesses I am building.

So thinking back to what it is you want for yourself and your life. For me, I had to just trust myself and the feeling that this was what I had been looking for. Now I can say, it is nothing like anything I had seen or heard about before even though it looked similar or familiar. It doesn't fit in a box, there isn't just a single label to describe it. I am surprised myself to this day and have to pinch myself at how lucky I was to come across this platform.

Just hit subscribe to receive the videos that got me started - they'll be complimentary for you today. Just like me, you have nothing to lose. The best decision I made was trusting and investing in myself. The outcomes have far exceeded anything I could visualise. Expect the unexpected.

Find out more about my journey here at my personal blog

Being Aware of the Story in our Head

We create stories in our head all the time. Sometimes we are unaware that it's a story and sometimes we think it is exactly what happened. Because we are walking but asleep (If we are awake, we are present in the here and now)... If you haven't already, have a read of the book THE POWER OF NOW BY ECKHART TOLLE. But if we become aware, we can catch ourselves.

I'll share a short story of something that happened recently. My daughter and her partner came to Brisbane to spend the weekend with us. I found out at the time I would need to drop them to an Airbnb place they had booked rather than bring them home with me. It had never occurred to me that this was a problem, and at the time, my inner voice was still running the show.

We went home and they stayed where they were and I am always a people pleaser and want to be helpful. She said she had an interview the next day in a place that is a bit difficult to get to using public transport, and of course, I said we will pick you up, either myself or your dad.  On checking my schedule I was able to take her to her interview. Inside my head, "the story", the inner voice, was having an inner dialogue and dispute with itself. I just watched it and listened, and still the noise kept going on until I caught them and I then shared this.

In the past week, I had distinguished that the 14 year old me had been running my life throughout the life that I have been living.

You might be wondering what am I trying to say? It may not make total sense right now but the point is, we are sometimes driven to do things and while not always apparent, we think its an external factor but if we have total self awareness (I believe this takes a willingness to look at yourself and rigorous training and development to develop your mindset), we discover that the internal factor is the source of the external factor.

I have been on my journey to have this self awareness. To be a better version of myself, to do life differently and have a life I love. That I am able to enjoy my life and feel fulfilled from each moment to each moment. Because, I always feel sometimes I felt good and sometimes I didn’t. I had to apply my training to focus on a better view and a better perspective of my life.

From the outside, people perceive me as someone who is so contented and happy and very successful. Those who know me and only met me in a brief moment, would say, I want what she's got. She is good, full of energy, calm, contented and very helpful. While this is all correct, when life occurs all perfect, there are no circumstances in the way.

When things did not go the way I wanted, the 14 year old me appears. I must be strong and I'll show you I can do this, I am independent and I don’t need you and the flip side of this, I was lonely and family is so important and I was missing the love from my mum and my sisters, and all my direct family, my father and my brothers. This flashback memory is so vivid to me now, as I was playing the movie in my head over and over and over.

Fast forward to the story I was sharing of the voice in my head during my daughter's weekend stay. At this time, I had become more self aware and was able to catch myself before I exploded. I was sitting at my dressing table and going through the whole story. Why didn't she book a place near us, West End?  Maybe she wants to look around and try the feel of New Farm area. Also why do I need to drive her around and pick them from the place at a specific time, oh that's right because they need to check out etc. (wow and wow) so much rubbish that comes out from the head.

When I caught myself in the moment like this, I was able to be present with my daughter, when next I saw her, rather than go in to a story of resentment or story of inconvenience that I might have in the past. Imagine if I had snapped at her in the moment. She was only staying for a weekend, and had travelled from overseas and I hadn't seen her for a year. We might have been in a space of disagreement instead of a space of getting reconnected. The point is your inner voice can get in the way of your true intentions. It can be the biggest barrier to getting everything you want in life.

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