How I came to become an entrepreneur looking for more


When I was working as an employee earning a salary, I started to question myself, “have I reached the ceiling of what I can earn?”

I was lucky, I had my mum to help me look after my kids, she was there for me, when I couldn’t be but I was missing something.

I come from a big family and a family culture, where we all look after one another, which ultimately means when one person needs help in a monetary way, I was there for them no matter what, no questions asked.

I didn’t think I was necessarily the smartest in my family in terms of academics, but I think my family leant on me and relied on me, because of my courage.

The courage to step out of my comfort zone. Courage to migrate from one country to another and learn another language.

The courage to follow my heart and trust myself after meeting my husband to be through friends and family.

Courage to just begin again with no complaints. I started working wherever I could with my limited english, even though I had many work experiences from my home country.

I had a hunger and yearning for learning and while I didn’t finish traditional schooling, I began looking for ways I could learn and develop myself.

During my self discovery, I learnt how to buy our first home, and how to buy investment properties and flip them for a profit. This wasn’t easy and I wasn’t getting the kind of results I was aiming for.

I saw people doing well over the years with food businesses and thought if they can do it, I can.

So I quit my job and started a food business with my family’s support. This was so hard, especially when we tried to scale up and juggle two businesses at once. We had spread ourselves too thin. It was also really difficult on our family life. When I calculated our expenses against our income, even though I could feed the family, but what was left over was not going to give us enough to put away for the future, let alone a rainy day.

We sold the businesses, and thought a change of scenery might create new opportunities and so we began again. We moved from a small city to a big city. This was also difficult on the family. The kids had to give up their friends, go to new schools and make new friends.

At this point, I had thought that my husband at least would be on the road to retirement by now. I started working as an employee again and started from the bottom. This helped us to keep up with our day to day expenses and not eat in to our capital that was intended for a family home.

Soon enough, I found another food business and used our combined superannuation to fund it. Everything was on the line to make this a success and indeed it was. We had to learn a few lessons though to get it right.

We sold this business for a nice profit. We bought and sold homes over the years also making a profit. But something was still missing.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was feeling lost and like I had failed my family. We had been enjoying our life to that date but the money was starting to run out and we were feeling the pinch.

I was searching online and watched a video of someone sharing what their life was like now after finding complete freedom in the way they produced income with an online business and how this enabled them to focus on humanitarian ventures.

I felt inspired. For a long time now, I had been questioning who am I, why am I here and what is my life really for. I wanted my life to be for something bigger than what it had been so far. I wanted to be a contribution in the world.

I received a free series of videos, that would immediately cause me to take big action in my life. I thought what have I got to lose, there is a money back guarantee. And  I know this sounds cliched but the failsafe or the safety net of this money back guarantee was long forgotten, when I undertook the learning modules and realised the potential right in front of me.

I took my life on wholeheartedly. I was ready to take on my life, learn and build another business but what excited me most about this particular opportunity was that I would have mentorship and guidance.

When I started all of my businesses, I had no help. I literally had to figure it all out on my own. When they say sink or swim, that is exactly how it went for my food businesses. Of course, I asked my family for help but they were no entrepreneurial experts either.

So I thought to myself, how hard can this be compared to everything I have experienced so far?

I thought its about time, I get to really fill my cup about the promises I made a long time ago with myself about truly helping those in need around my communities and around the world and realising I am a contribution.